Forensics S.r.l

The growing demand for increasingly advanced services and products based on multidisciplinary knowledge in various sectors of Forensic Engineering for the evaluation of the consequences of critical events on products and processes, together with the considerable progress achieved in the technological field, have highlighted the need and opportunity to create a new professional reality aimed at transferring research advances to the actors involved in this field of work (professionals, companies, public administrations, etc..). A group of five people was set up, composed of three professors from the University of Naples Federico II and two highly qualified external subjects, with the common objective of creating a spin-off called FORensic ENgineering ServICeS- FORENSICS.

FORENSICS operates in the field of Forensic Engineering in a mainly preventive sense, i.e., while historically classical Forensic Engineering has focused on seeking legal responsibility for critical engineering events, today it is possible to focus efforts on the prevention of such events.

FORENSICS is able to provide infrastructure managers with essentially three types of services:

1. Monitoring of transport infrastructures during operation in order to prevent risks to user safety caused by structural disruptions or other events (weather, explosions, fires);

2. Monitoring of transport infrastructures during operation in order to provide support to the customer to plan the maintenance of the infrastructure assets in an effective manner according to a predictive logic of disruption;

3. Monitoring during the construction phase of civil works of primary importance, particularly in the case of construction at a particular level of risk for workers and inhabitants of the surrounding areas, such as tunnels and bridges of great light with particularly complex methods of execution.

Therefore, the subjects to which FORENSICS addresses are mainly:

  • the technical offices of the public administrations responsible for security and civil protection;
  • the construction companies;
  • facility managers of facilities (buildings, industrial plants, etc.) and service infrastructures (water, electricity, gas) and transport infrastructures (roads, railways, ports, airports);
  • technical advisors to parties involved in legal proceedings.

FORENSICS is a service company that, taking advantage of the continuous advances of knowledge gained in scientific research with particular reference to the forecasting and simulation of critical events, has the following objectives:

  • To innovate the Forensic Engineering sector by developing research methodologies and software based on the use of advanced technologies and algorithms in the field of numerical simulation of critical events, for their use by professionals, institutions and companies.
  • To provide public and private subjects with advanced metrological procedures and tools to support the activities of prevention and management of harmful events in building and industrial processes.
  • Provide effective solutions for improving the performance of products and manufacturing processes.


Elia Acconcia

Civil engineering and software development

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Nicola Augenti

Structural instability and forensic engineering

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Assunta Cammardella

Management engineering

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Andrea D’Anna

Fires, explosions and chemical pollution

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Francesco Murena

Business and commercial

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Fulvio Parisi

Structural engineering and risks

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Rosario Romano

Acoustic engineering and monitoring systems

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Martina Scalvenzi

Geotechnical and structural engineering

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